Lead Designer


Gutterman Griffiths PC





Project Overview

Gutterman Griffiths PC, a divorce law firm based in Denver, approached TrebleRed to reimagine their branding and website. Their previous logo and digital presence fit perfectly into an industry that, across the board, hasn’t strayed from the same dated style in decades. They were in need of a serious refresh, and their new branding and website needed to reintroduce them as a modern firm.

Branding & Identity

For Gutterman Griffiths’ new branding we wanted to set them apart by moving away from the italics and serifs that have historically dominated their space. We designed a clean, contemporary one-color logo that scaled to easily accommodate horizontal, vertical, and icon lockups. With strong, bold type and a color palette inspired by their stylish offices, the new Gutterman Griffiths logo has been met with wide kudos and excitement by attorneys and clients alike.

Responsive Website

For their responsive website, Gutterman Griffiths wanted to drastically cut down their content to ease the cognitive load on their users. It was also important for them to organize and showcase their many awards, highlight their practice as thought leaders by pushing articles and publications, and introduce their attorneys via thoughtful and thorough bios.

The end result was an organized, user-friendly, and compelling digital experience that impressed even the most tech-naive Gutterman Griffiths shareholders.